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Go-To-Market Milestones With 

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I review, draft and negotiate computer and internet technology agreements to buy, build, distribute and sell technology products and services.

My experience with specific technology agreements includes enterprise software sales (I/P/SaaS and licenses), development, distribution/value-added reseller, and strategic alliance agreements.

I coordinate and manage real estate counsel on office lease agreements. I also review every-day agreements, like NDAs and vendor agreements.



I can support clients with HR and compliance issues, including with 

employment offers and 



I also draft, implement and train employees with company policies, and counsel clients on avoiding personnel misclassification risks.



I train employees to protect/respect proprietary rights (e.g., avoiding trade secret contamination and open source software license risks), business contracts processes, and to comply with applicable regulations (e.g., GDPR, CCPA).



I work with clients and outside patent counsel to develop and execute patent and other IP portfolio strategies.  



I help to resolve disputes and manage litigation risk, including selecting and then managing outside counsel and expenses when litigation is unavoidable.



I help clients to comply with regulations such as privacy/data protection (e.g., GDPR, CCPA), anti-corruption (e.g., US FCPA & UK anti-bribery) and export control.



I assist managing basic corporate maintenance, board meetings, minutes, and capitalization tables.


I began my legal career in business litigation over 20 years ago here in Seattle, and then spent more than 18 years inside local technology and IP companies negotiating significant agreements to protect, develop, and bring technology products to market. I also assist clients in a variety of other areas, having provided legal support in these areas as often as I could to more fully develop my skill-set and be as versatile as I can for my clients. These include:

•    Complex IP, Technology, and Commercial Transactions,

•    Employee Recruiting and Relations,

•    Company Policies and Compliance,

•    Corporate Maintenance,

•    Coordinating Other Counsel in Litigation, IP Rights Application, and Complex Facilities Leasing and Management, and

•    C-level Management Communication and Advice.


In those few areas where I cannot be sole legal counsel, I am an intermediary with other client counsel to make sure the client receives excellent, informed and cost effective legal services. My objective is to help my clients efficiently make informed and risk-reward balanced legal decisions.  


Time is a valuable and an increasingly scarce commodity, and I am prompt, responsive, informative, analytical, and thorough in providing practical and solutions oriented legal services. Information sharing is key and as a member of the client’s team, I try hard to gather the information needed about the other parties with whom my clients must deal and the interests that my clients want to promote and protect in a particular transaction.  In addition to legal analytic skills, I also use exceptional emotional intelligence and my years of experience with and knowledge of how companies function to more quickly and fully understand the context of the parties and the interests they have in play.


My overhead is low, and so I bring my extensive experience at a fraction of the cost of equivalent attorneys at traditional and large business law firms. Instead of being reactive, I will explore creative ways to be more integrated and proactive about client needs, including by attending regular business planning and status meetings or providing on-site office hours but only charging for time spent on a client request. I also provide matter-based legal services on request, all of which at substantially lower rates than typical and traditional law firms.  

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